Tap & Modern Exam Results June 2024

Tap & Modern Exam Results

June 2024

Marking Scheme

Pass Not Attained: 0-39 Marks

Pass:  40- 59 Marks

Merit: 60-79 Marks

Distinction: 80-100 Marks

Grade 3 Tap Exam
Megan Plumbe 82 Marks Distinction
Beatrice Aldridge 77 Marks Merit
Seren Hollywait 76 Marks Merit
Erin Stuchfield 83 Marks Distinction
Rosie Allcroft 88 Marks Distinction
Imogen Dawkins 87 Marks Distinction
Lois Lowe 88 Marks Distinction
Ruby Scott 76 Marks Merit

Grade 6 Modern Exam
Isabella Freeman 95Marks Distinction
Ruby Kennedy 93 Marks Distinction
Isobel Stuchfield 84 Marks Distinction
Kezia Parry 81 Marks Distinction
Sophia Whiteside 71 Marks Merit
Sophie Monk 71 Marks Merit

Congratulations to all pupils who took exams!

Amazing results!

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