Pupils can attend these classes from 3 years of age.

In our baby classes we encourage musicality and expression in the children through the use of fun, infantile exercises that also teach them the basics of the ballet discipline. This works alongside their physical capabilities at this age helping them to build strength and co-ordination. From here they progress into the Pre-Primary ballet class where they study the ISTD syllabus in preparation for their first exam.

Children then progress through the ISTD ballet grades and from grade 1 are encouraged to attend two classes a week which further enhances the understanding of the ballet technique. When pupils reach grade 5, classes go from being 45minutes to an hour. When they reach this standard there is an opportunity to do pointe work but only if they attend 2 classes of grade 5 ballet. Pupils will only be put on pointe when they are individually ready – this is in strength and technique.

After grade 5, pupils continue into the major syllabus and study towards their pre-vocational examinations which include pointe work.