Nuneaton Festival Results

Nuneaton festival results 2015


Kitty Russell                      2nd Place       84 Marks     Baby Character

Dionne Sindayen              1st Place        85 Marks     A Character

Bea Vidal                             2nd Place       84 Marks     A Character

2nd Place       83 Marks     A Song/dance

3rd Place       83 Marks     A Modern

Katie Crowther                 3rd Place       83 Marks     A Character

Freya Troy                          4th Place       82 Marks     A Character

Lottie T-French                2nd Place       85 Marks     B National

Lara Dimaculangan         3rd Place       86 Marks     B Tap

4th Place       82 Marks     B Modern

Maisie Winspear              2nd Place       84 Marks     B Modern

Morgan Denison               1st Place        87 Marks     C National

2nd Place       87 Marks     C Ballet

3rd Place       84 Marks     C Character

3rd Place       85 Marks     C Lyrical

4th Place       82 Marks     C Modern

Cassie Brockbank             1st Place        87 Marks     C Tap

Amy Lloyd                          4th Place       84 Marks     D Ballet

2nd place       88 Marks     D Character

2nd Place       87 Marks     D Lyrical

2nd Place       84 Marks     D Song/dance

Emily Shilling                    1st Place        89 Marks     D Character

4th Place       85 Marks     D Lyrical



Helena & Cassie                4th Place       85 Marks     Senior Cabaret Duet

Lizzie & Bea                       1st Place        86 Marks     Junior Classical Duet

Rosie, Morgan & Katie    1st Place        86 Marks     Inter Classical Trio

Handful Of Keys                3rd Place       88 Marks     Senior A Cabaret Group


Trophy Awards:

Bea & Lizzie  – Highest mark in a baby, junior and inter duet.

Emily Shilling – Highest mark in a character solo

Emily Shilling & Amy Lloyd – D section classical aggregate


6 – 1st Places

9 – 2nd Places

6 – 3rd Places

6 – 4th Places

3 Trophies