Nuneaton Festival Results


Cassie Brockbank 1st place Baby Tap
Rosie Thatcher 1st place Baby Character
Jemima Morrish 1st place A section Ballet
1st place A section Character
1st place A Song & Dance
2nd place A Modern
3rd place A Lyrical
Rachel Carabok 1st place A National
3rd place A Character
Meg Tanner 2nd place A Character
Hannah Woodcock 3rd place A Character
Cyra Boisselle 1st place A National
Mariella Rodhouse 1st place B National
Amelia Morgan 1st place C National
2nd place C Character
2nd place     C Ballet
3rd place C Tap
Christina Shearn 3rd place D Tap
Emma Glanvill 3rd place D Song & Dance
A Lloyd/M Tanner 1st place Junior Classical Duets
M Rodhouse/A Morgan 1st place Inter Song & Dance Duets
S Boisselle/L Brown 2nd place Inter Song& Dance Duets
A Morgan/ J Morrish/ M Rodhouse 2nd place Inter Classical Trios
Sophie/Lucy/Christina/Emma 1st place Senior A Cabaret Quartets
Sailor Boys 1st place Junior Cassical Groups
Rhythm of Life 1st place     Senior A Song & Dance Groups
Get Happy 2nd place     Senior A Cabaret Groups
Jemima Morrish Class  A classical aggregate cup
Mariella Rodhouse National award
Amy Lloyd/Meg Tanner Junior Classical Duet cup
Sailor Boys Junior Classical Group award
Handful of Keys Adjudicators choice of dance