Redditch Festival Results 2016

Redditch Festival Results


Katie Pacpaco                    Baby Classical       1st Place        83 Marks

Poppy Wolton                    A Character                        1st Place        84 Marks

Liz Sorilla                            B Modern                1st Place        88 Marks

B Ballet                    1st Place        88 Marks

B Character            2nd Place       86 Marks

Annice Dumbrava                        B Modern                3rd Place       86 Marks

B Ballet                    5th Place       84 Marks

Dionne Sindayen              B Character                        1st Place        87 Marks

B Ballet                    3rd Place       86 Marks

Bea Vidal                             B Song&Dance       1st Place        86 Marks

B Tap                                    1st Place        87 Marks

B Modern                2nd Place       87 Marks

B Ballet                    2nd Place       87 Marks

B Character                        3rd Place       85 Marks

Katie Crowther                 C Song&Dance       1st Place        86 Marks

Poppy Lister                      C Tap                         2nd Place       84 Marks

Lara Dimaculangan         C Tap                         1st Place        87 Marks

C Lyrical                  3rd Place       85 Marks

C Modern                 3rd Place       87 Marks

Maisie Winspear              D Tap                                    1st Place        88 Marks

D Modern                4th Place       86 Marks

Morgan Denison               D Song&Dance       1st Place        87 Marks

D Ballet                    1st Place        88 Marks

D Modern                1st Place        89 Marks

D Character                        2nd Place       88 Marks

D Tap                                    2nd Place       87 Marks

D Lyrical                  2nd Place       89 Marks

Aimie Moses-Wright       D Song&Dance       2nd Place       85 Marks

D Ballet                    2nd Place       87 Marks

D Character                        3rd Place       87 Marks

Rosie Thatcher                  D Character                        1st Place        89 Marks

Charlotte Woodcock        D Song&Dance       3rd Place       84 Marks

Daisy Simpson                   D Song&Dance       5th Place       82 Marks

Hannah Woodcock           Senior National     1st Place        90 Marks

E Modern                 3rd Place       87 Marks

E Lyrical                  3rd Place       88 Marks

E Character                        3rd Place       88 Marks

E Ballet                    4th Place       87 Marks

E Song&Dance       4th Place       85 Marks

Cassie Brockbank             E Tap                         1st Place        89 Marks

E Modern                 4th Place       86 Marks

E Lyrical                  5th Place       86 Marks

E Ballet                    5th Place       86 Marks


Olivia Bedlow                    E Tap                         3rd Place       87 Marks

E Modern                 5th Place       85 Marks

E Song&Dance       5th Place       84 Marks

Amy Lloyd                          E Character                        1st Place        91 Marks

E Ballet                    2nd Place       89 Marks

E Lyrical                  2nd Place       89 Marks

E Song&Dance       3rd Place       86 Marks


Esme & Kitty                      Junior Duet             2nd Place       85 Marks

Bea, Liz, Dionne                Junior Trio              1st Place        87 Marks

Cassie & Helena                Senior Duet                        2nd Place       89 Marks

Morgan & Hannah           Senior Duet                        3rd Place       88 Marks

Ballet Group                      Inter Classical       1st Place        87 Marks


19 – 1st Places

13 – 2nd Places

13 – 3rd Places

4 – 4th Places

6 – 5th Places

19 – Trophies



Trophies Won:


Baby Classical                   Katie Pacpaco

Junior Ballet                       Liz Sorilla

Junior Character               Dionne Sindayen

Junior Tap                           Bea Vidal

Junior Modern                   Bea Vidal

Junior Song&Dance         Bea Vidal

Junior Cabaret Trio         Liz, Bea & Dionne

Inter Character                 Rosie Thatcher

Inter Tap                             Maisie Winspear

Inter Song&Dance           Morgan Denison

Inter Modern                     Morgan Denison

Inter Classical Group      Susan Taylor Dancing Academy – Ballet Group

Senior Character              Amy Lloyd

Senior National                 Hannah Woodcock

Senior Tap                          Cassie Brockbank


Adjudicator’s choice awards:


Best Costume – Hannah Woodcock

Most Original Performance – Amy Lloyd (Character)

Highest Mark of the Festival – Amy Lloyd (Character)

Choreography Cup – Susan Taylor (Rosie Thatcher’s Titanic Character)