Redditch Festival Results 2018

Name Section Place Marks
Katie Pacpaco A Ballet 2nd 81
Poppy Wolton A Character 1st 84
Alma Todoran B Character 1st 85
Isabella Freeman B Ballet 1st 84
B Tap 1st 84
Isobel Stuchfield B Ballet 3rd 82
B Tap 2nd 83
Rosa Camileri B Ballet 4th 81
Isabella Gaal B Tap 4th 81
B Character 3rd 83
Annice Dumbrava C Lyrical 2nd 84
Bea Vidal C Tap 1st 86
C Ballet 3rd 84
C Modern 3rd 84
C Song/Dance 2nd 84
C Lyrical 4th 82
C Character 1st 86
Katie Crowther C Tap 2nd 85
C Character 2nd 85
Liz Sorilla C Ballet 1st 86
C Modern 2nd 85
C Lyrical 1st 85
C Character 3rd 84
Tilly Davey C Ballet 2nd 84
C Lyrical 3rd 83
Clara Field C Song/Dance 1st 85
Freya Troy C Tap 3rd 83
C Ballet 4th 83
Dionne Sindayen C Ballet 4th 83
C Song/Dance 2nd 84
C Character 4th 83
Maisie Winspear D Ballet 2nd 84
D Modern 3rd 83
D Lyrical 4th 83
D Tap 2nd 83
Charlotte Woodcock D Modern 4th 82
D Song/Dance 4th 81
Daisy Simpson D Song/Dance 3rd 82
D Tap 4th 81
Lara Dimaculangan D Ballet 2nd 84
D Tap 3rd 82
Poppy Lister D Tap 1st 84
Morgan Denison E Character 2nd 84
E Song/Dance 2nd 86
E Tap 4th 83
E Ballet 3rd 81
Hannah Woodcock E Character 2nd 84
E Lyrical 1st 87
E Tap 3rd 84
Aimie Moses Wright E Song/Dance 3rd 84
E Tap 2nd 85
E Ballet 2nd 82
Cassie Brockbank E Tap 1st 87
E Ballet 2nd 82
Izzy Manning E Ballet 3rd 81
Hannah & Morgan Senior Cabaret Duet 3rd 85
Freya, Tilly & Liz Inter Classical Trio 1st 84
Ballet Group Inter Classical Group 1st 86
Dreamgirls Inter Cabaret Group 3rd 85
Tomorrow Inter Cabaret Group 4th 84
Junior Ballet Isabella Freeman
Junior Character Alma Todoran
Junior Tap Isabella Freeman
Junior Cabaret Aggregte Bea Vidal
Inter Character Bea Vidal
Inter Tap Bea Vidal
Inter Song&Dance Clara Field
Inter Classical Trio Freya,Tilly & Liz – Birds
Inter Classical Group Ballet Group
Senior Tap Cassie Brockbank
Senior Lyrical Hannah Woodcock
Adjudicatiors Choice Trophies
Musicality award Morgan Denison
Entertainer Award Cassie Brockbank
14 1st Places
18 2nd Places
16 3rd Places
12 4th Places
13 Trophies

Well Done to all pupils that danced – Brilliant Acheivements. Thankyou to all parents for your support