Step Above festival results

Here are the results for the step above festival 2010

Rory Carabok Primary  character 3rd
William Knights Primary  character 2nd
Zofia Strahnz Primary Ballet 1st
Rosie Thatcher Primary character 1st
Rosie Thatcher Primary Ballet 2nd
Olivia Bedlow A Novice Character 1st
Cassie Brockbank A tap 2nd
Aemilia Cape A Novice Character 3rd
Hannah Woodcock A character 2nd
Rachel Carabok B character 3rd
Amy Lloyd B Novice Modern 2nd
Jemima Morrish B character 2nd
Anouska Strahnz B Novice Character 2nd
Meg Tanner B character 1st
Skye Boisselle C character 2nd
Lydia Brown C song and dance 2nd
Lydia Brown C tap 2nd
Amelia Morgan C lyrical 2nd
Amelia Morgan C Ballet 2nd
Amelia Morgan C song and dance 3rd
Amelia Morgan C character 3rd
Mariella Rodhouse C Ballet 1st
Mariella Rodhouse C character 1st
Emma Glanvill D song and dance 2nd
Lauren Hollidge D tap 2nd
Holly Massey E ballet 1st
Christina Shearn E tap 1st
Amy Lloyd Junior Classical 1st
Meg Tanner Duet
Anouska Strahnz Junior Classical 3rd
Zofia Strahnz Duet
Skye Boisselle Intermediate S/D 2nd
Lydia Brown Duet
10 Sailor Boys Jnr Classical Group 2nd
Rhythm of life Snr S/D Group 3rd
Piano Snr Cabaret Group 3rd

Congratulations to all who took part!