Final festival rehearsals


Tuesday 9th September

4.30pm Freya T, Eleanor, Maisie

5.30pm Katie, Lizzie, Dionne

6.00pm Olivia, Mia

6.30pm –


Friday 12th September

4.30pm Dionne, Eleanor, Freya T , Bea, Lizzie

5.15pm Maisie, Cheneice, Katie, Daisy, Poppy

6.00pm Ballet group

6.45pm Morgan, Hannah, Cassie, Rosie

7.30pm Millie, Meg, Helena, Amy, Mia, Olivia

8.30pm –


Tuesday 16th September

4.45pm Hannah, Cassie, Rosie

5.30pm Emily, Olivia, Amy L

6.30pm –


Friday 19th September

4.30pm Katie, Lottie, Charlotte W, Lizzie & Bea

5.15pm Sailor Boys

6.00pm Gnomes

6.30pm Hannah, Cassie, Rosie

7.15pm Navras

8.00pm Millie, Lydia, Meg, Jamie

8.45pm –


Tuesday 23rd September

4.30pm Aimie, Fiddlers 3

5.30pm Katie

6.00pm –


Friday 26th September

5.15pm Mia, Olivia, Emily, fiddlers 3

6.00pm Navras

6.45pm Amy L, Millie, Helena, Lydia

7.30pm –

Parents please note the following!!


Parents please note the following!!


  1. No teachers at the festival on Saturday 13th & Saturday 27th
  2. The festival is known to run early (sometimes as much as 45mins) get there in ample time as they DON’T WAIT!!!!!
  3. You are responsible for the following

–         CD: to be labelled with Childs name and section, this must be handed in to music operators.

–         Hair

–         Make up – please note school make up box will be there it is black and will be named.

–         Please check prior to the weekend that you have ALL costumes, shoes, and accessories.

  1. Please be responsible for taking your own props and if teachers aren’t there, make sure you know where they go on stage!
  2. Make sure your child practices before going on stage, the festival may not have runners so you will be responsible for your child to be at the side of the stage at the right time. Please sign in in plenty of time.
  3. Characters and nationals have a title – this must be handed in at the side of stage.
  4. Junior classical groups – parents will have to change the children from gnomes to sailor boys!


Avon Valley School

Newbold Road


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