Tap & Modern Results 2021

Exam Results – July 2021

Marking Scheme

Pass Not Attained: 0-39 Marks

Pass:  40- 59 Marks

Merit: 60-79 Marks

Distinction: 80-100 Marks

Grade 2 Tap Exam
Sophie Monk 82 Marks Distinction


Pre-Primary Class Tap Exam
Maci Cage 73 Marks Merit
Poppy Rowe 77 Marks Merit
Sophia Hendy-Gibson 67 Marks Merit


Grade 4 Modern Exam
Sophia Whiteside 72 Marks Merit
Isabella Freeman 91 Marks Distinction
Isobel Stuchfield 78 Marks Merit
Sophie Monk 84 Marks Distinction


Grade 6 Tap Exam
Daisy Simpson 80 Marks Distinction
Charlotte Woodcock 76 Marks Merit
Poppy Lister 74 Marks Merit


Grade 1  Tap Exam
Megan Plumbe 85 Marks Distinction
Ruby Scott 72 Marks Merit
Alice Harwood 74 Marks Merit
Katie Mayson-Checkley 71 Marks Merit



Grade 3 Modern Exam
Poppy Wolton 80 Marks Distinction
Beatrice Labuda 88 Marks Distinction
Isabella Gaal 89 Marks Distinction
Katie Pacpaco 85 Marks Distinction


Intermediate Modern Exam

Marking Scheme

Pass Not Attained: 0-49 Marks

Pass:  50- 64Marks

Merit: 65-79 Marks

Distinction: 80-100 Marks

Morgan Denison 83 Marks Distinction

Ballet Exam Results

Ballet Exam Results – June 2021

 Grade – Marking Scheme

Pass Not Attained: 0-39 Marks

Pass:  40- 59 Marks

Merit: 60-79 Marks

Distinction: 80-100 Marks

Pre-Primary Class Exam
Seren Parsons 83 Marks Distinction
Maci Cage 83 Marks Distinction
Poppy Rowe 84 Marks Distinction
Sophia Hendy Gibson 84 Marks Distinction


Grade Primary Ballet
Lois Lowe 86 Marks Distinction
Ali Szostak 73 Marks Merit
Beatrice Aldridge 81 Marks Distinction
Alice Harwood 85 Marks Distinction
Erin Stuchfield 83 Marks Distinction
Thea Swanton 80 Marks Distinction
Seren Holly Wait 86 Marks Distinction
Rosie Allcroft 85 Marks Distinction
Ivy Saunders 85 Marks Distinction


Grade 1 Ballet
Megan Plumbe 86 Marks Distinction


Grade 2 Ballet
Poppy Wolton 83 Marks Distinction
Lidia Lacey 87 Marks Distinction


Major – Marking Scheme

Pass Not Attained: 0-49 Marks

Pass:  50- 64 Marks

Merit: 65-79 Marks

Distinction: 80-100 Marks

Intermediate Foundation Ballet
Katie Crowther 66 Marks Merit
Maisie Winspear 68 Marks Merit
Liz Sorilla 77 Marks Merit
Lara Dimaculangan 72 Marks Merit
Bea Vidal 80 Marks Distinction
Freya Troy 74 Marks Merit


Ballet Exam Results

Ballet Exam Results – December 2020

Marking Scheme

Pass Not Attained: 0-39 Marks

Pass:  40- 59 Marks

Merit: 60-79 Marks

Distinction: 80-100 Marks


Primary Class Ballet
Lena Cwiklinska 88 Marks Distinction
Lois Lowe 90 Marks Distinction
Erin Stuchfield 88 Marks Distinction
Alice Harwood 88 Marks Distinction
Seren Hollywait 87 Marks Distinction
Thea Swanton 91 Marks Distinction
Ali Szostak 87 Marks Distinction
Beatrice Aldridge 87 Marks Distinction
Ivy Saunders 93 Marks Distinction
Rosie Allcroft 92 Marks Distinction


Grade 2 Ballet
Sophia Whiteside 85 Marks Distinction
Ella Mae Foster 77 Marks Merit
Isabella Gaal 89 Marks Distinction
Esme Saunders 91 Marks Distinction
Beatrice Labuda 92 Marks Distinction
Katie Pacpaco 88 Marks Distinction


Grade 3 Ballet
Sophie Monk 77 Marks Merit
Ruby Kennedy 75 Marks Merit
Isabella Freeman 90 Marks Distinction
Rosa Camilleri 84 Marks Distinction
Isobel Stuchfield 91 Marks Distinction
Sophie Lyons-Ried 88 Marks Distinction


Grade 5 Ballet
Charlotte Woodcock 84 Marks Distinction
Clara Field 82 Marks Distinction
Dionne Sindayen 81 Marks Distinction

STDA Re-opens

Dear Parents. 

We are thrilled to announce we will be re-opening this week. 

Following government advice and with strict COVID policy & procedures in place STDA will re-open when the national lockdown lifts on Wednesday. 

Due to having Ballet exams planned for Sunday 6th December ,that have been rescheduled twice now, we have made the decision to keep classes on Zoom Wednesday and Thursday so that exam pupils can have coaching in the studio. 

Lessons will resume at the school on Saturday 5th December. 

Due to social distancing & class changes please see the new timetable that will start on Saturday 5th December. 

Please see the new timetable & exam coaching timetable below. 

Exam Coaching – AT THE STUDIO

New Timetable

COVID Policy & Procedures: 
Please note that our COVID policy and procedure are all still in place. 

  • All pupils to sanitise hands on entry to the premises and before leaving.
  • Parents Please drop off and collect from the door
  • Pupils will have their temperatures checked by a member of staff before class
  • Pupils over 12 please wear a mask in the waiting room & in and out from the studios
  • Pupils attending Modern & Body C need a towel to lay on
  • All pupils need to bring own drinks bottle – no use of kitchen area

DO NOT ENTER THE STUDIOS – if your child or a member of the household have:

  • A high temperature
  • A new, continuous cough
  • Had contact with someone who has suspected or confirmed COVID19
  • Any other symptoms relating to COVID19
  • Live with anyone that is self isolating due to covid symptoms
  • Child or someone they live with is being tested for covid 19
  • Returned from a country on the quarantine list.

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STDA Uniform Orders. 

STDA uniform and accessories make great Christmas gifts. 

Last order dates for Christmas are as follows:
Onesies & Hoody’s – Monday 30th December
STDA class uniform – Monday 7th December

Please contact Miss Kate to place an order.

Sadly due to COVID we will not be able to run our parents watching week as usual the week before Christmas. 

Term ends after classes on Thursday 17th December 

We will reopen Monday 4th January 2021

We would like to thank all the parents and pupils of the school for their support in what has been a crazy year for everyone. 

Stay safe & we look forward to seeing the children soon. 
Miss Taylor & Miss Kate 

STDA Lockdown 2.0

Dear Parents & Pupils.

Sorry for the delay in getting in touch with you all but there has been lots of things to sort out ready for STDA Zoom to begin.

Lessons will start on Monday 9th November on Zoom.
We are aware some of you are familiar with zoom but some are not, therefore We will be running a Zoom taster on Sunday 8th for any one to attend to try it out.

Please create a zoom account – if you haven’t got one.
Zoom can be used on a computer or tablet/iPad or phone depending on what works best for each individual.

Sunday 8th November  – Zoom Tester.
3.00pm – 9 years and under
3.30pm – 10-12 years
4.00pm – 13 years and over

All Zoom classes will be using the same meeting ID and Password 
Please contact a member of staff if you have not received an email with this information on.

Please be prompt logging in
(But not before the time stated  – or you will join another class and have to re- join)
Where children attend consecutive lessons you will have to join the meeting again to start new lesson.

Once joined the meeting please make sure you are muted so background noise doesn’t interfere with the lesson. If a pupil wants to ask a question – it can be put in the chat or un-mute your computer to ask.

Please see the attached timetable for zoom as well as some helpful hints.


After many discussions with the ISTD we have had to make the following decisions regarding exams.

Ballet exams that were due on the 8th November have been postponed. 
These will now take place Sunday 6th December (lockdown depending)
We know this is not ideal but as the lockdown is only scheduled to be 4 weeks long the ISTD will not refund entrance fees!
We encourage pupils to attend their classes on zoom to remain up to date with their classwork and then exam coaching will run when lockdown is released prior to the exams.

Tap & Modern exams from end of November / beginning of December are cancelled. 
We feel despite doing online zoom classes they will not be as prepared as we would like. These pupils will now move up to the next grade.
With the talk of lockdown we did not send in fees to the ISTD so for anyone that had already paid please contact us with the following details for a refund.
Name on account
Sort Code
Account Number

Thank you for your patience and support at what is a strange time for us all.

Please contact us for any more information or questions

Stay Safe

Miss Taylor & Miss Kate


Miss Taylor –

01295 250598

0794 664 3527



Miss Kate

07811 069026



November lockdown 2020

We are temporarily closed!
Emails have been sent out this morning.
Please check your emails & keep up to date with our website & social media pages for further information.
Dear Parents & Pupils

Sadly due to the governments decision we are having to close the studio during this lockdown. This obviously is with IMMEDIATE effect. 

We are so disappointed but it is for everybody’s safety. 

Exams are not able to run and we are in contact with the ISTD about what the next steps are with them. 

We propose to run as many classes as we can over zoom for the next 4 weeks until we can get back into the studio. 
While we are aware this is not ideal – at least the children will be able to keep up something and hopefully it will be a little bit of normality in their lives. 

Over the next few days we will be working to sort out a zoom timetable and we will be in touch with further information when we have it. 

Please check your emails, as well as our website & social media pages for further updates.

Take care and stay safe.

Miss Taylor & Miss Kate

Tap & Modern Results October 2020

Tap & Modern Exam Results – October 2020

Marking Scheme

Pass Not Attained: 0-39 Marks

Pass:  40- 59 Marks

Merit: 60-79 Marks

Distinction: 80-100 Marks

A Fabulous set of results for out first exam session back after lockdown!!!

Well done to all the pupils! 🙂

Primary Class Tap Exam
Seren Hollywait 97 Marks Distinction
Thea Swanton 94 Marks Distinction
Lois Lowe 96 Marks Distinction
Erin Stuchfield 97 Marks Distinction
Lena Cwiklinska 98 Marks Distinction
Beatrice Aldridge 96 Marks Distinction
Ivy Saunders 95 Marks Distinction
Rosie Allcroft 99 Marks Distinction


Grade 4 Modern
Annice Dumbrava 91 Marks Distinction
Maizie Lawrence 83 Marks Distinction
Ruby Kennedy 83 Marks Distinction
Kezia Parry 80 Marks Distinction
Ella Mae Foster 77 Marks Merit


Grade 5 Modern
Daisy Simpson 78 Marks Merit
Clara Field 85 Marks Distinction
Poppy Lister 78 Marks Merit
Dionne Sindayen 84 Marks Distinction


Studio re-opens after lockdown!

We are so very pleased to be back in the studios after lockdown and are working hard to ensure that the studios follow strict COVID guidelines.

Here are some of the precautions we are using to protect the STDA family:

  • Temperature checks
  • Social distancing in studios & waiting areas
  • Masks in communal areas for 12yrs and over
  • Regular cleaning  – daily and in-between classes.
  • Hand sanitiser stations
  • Reduced foot fall and capacity in studio – no parents where possible & gaps between classes.

We are thrilled to have had such positive feedback from parents and pupils in the steps taken to make the return to dance as safe as we can.

Exam sessions start running from this weekend – all with COVID secure measures in place.

A busy term but so good to see all the children back and working hard!


Re-opening update

Dear Parents & Pupils of STDA

We hope you are all safe & well.

Thankyou to everyone who has sent us messages about re-opening: we are so looking forward to welcoming all the children back to dancing. 

Sadly after the government announcement this week, we are unable to open at the start of July as hoped. The ISTD are sending us regular updates and correspondence about procedures for opening which we will follow in order to keep everyone as safe as possible! 

We are obviously disappointed not to be allowed to open but have to follow the advice and guidance we are given. Information will be emailed out as soon as we know anything else. 

Please feel free to message us for any other details or queries. 

Many Thanks 
Miss Taylor & Miss Kate