Banbury festival 2015 results

Banbury festival of dance 2015 – Results

Kitty Russell                 1st place           Baby Character           82 marks

Bea Vidal                     1st place           A Tap               86 marks

1st place           A Modern        88 marks

1st place           A song/dance  85 marks

1st place           A Character     86 marks

Katie Crowther            2nd place          A song/dance  83marks

3rd place          A Character     84 marks

4th place          A Ballet

Dionne Sindayen         3rd place          A Ballet           83 marks

4th place          A Character

Freya Troy                   2nd place          A Ballet           84 marks

4th place          A Character

Lizzie Sorrilla               1st place           A Ballet           85 marks

Lara Dimaculangan    2nd place          B Tap               85 marks

2nd place          B Character     85 marks

3rd place          B Ballet           84 marks

4th place          B Modern

Maisie Winspear         3rd place          B Tap               84 marks

3rd place          B Modern        84 marks

Poppy Lister                4th place          B Tap

Charlotte Woodcock   2nd place          B song/dance  84marks

Lottie T-French            2nd place          B National       82 marks

4th place          B Character

4th place          B Ballet

Cassie Brockbank        1st place           C Tap               85 marks

Morgan Denison         1st place           C Character     87 marks

1st place           C Lyrical          87 marks

1st place           C song/dance  85 marks

2nd place          C National       85 marks

3rd place          C Ballet           85 marks

3rd place          C Modern        85 marks

Aimie Wright              3rd place          C song/dance  83 marks

Hannah Woodcock      1st place           C National       86 marks

2nd place          C Ballet           86 marks

2nd place          C Character     86 marks

2nd place          C song/dance  84 marks

3rd place          C Lyrical          84 marks

Isobel Manning           1st place           C Ballet-Novice           83 marks

Olivia Bedlow              3rd place          D Tap               84 marks

Helena Brown             4th place          D Tap

4th place          D song/dance

Mia Troy                     4th place          D Tap

Emily Shilling              3rd place          D Character    86 marks

Amy Lloyd                   1st place           D song/dance  87 marks

2nd place          D Character    87 marks

3rd place          D Ballet           84 marks

3rd place          D Lyrical          85 marks

Amelia Morgan           1st place           E Character     85 marks

1st place           E Lyrical          87 marks

1st place           E Ballet            87 marks

1st place           E Modern        85 marks

2nd place          E Tap               87 marks

2nd place          E song/dance  87 marks

2nd place          E National       86 marks

Jamie Fell                    2nd place          E Modern        84 marks

4th place          E Lyrical          84 marks

Lydia Brown                2nd place          E Tap               87 marks


Lizzie & Bea                1st place           Junior Classical Duet   88 marks

Inter ballet                  2nd place          Inter classical group   84 marks

Handful of keys           2nd place          Senior Cabaret group86 marks

Navras                         4th place          Senior Cabaret group


Bea Vidal was awarded the highest mark in an A section solo

Lizzie and Bea were awarded the highest mark in a junior duet

Morgan Denison was awarded the most promising senior


Amy Lloyd was awarded a funded place at the Performers College Easter Course.


Well done to all who competed.

18 – 1st places

18 – 2nd places

13 – 3rd places

11 – 4th places

3 awards


A big thank you to all who helped!

We have had great feedback so we look forward to the 2016 competition!