Wiltshire Festival of Dance Results

Bea Vidal                                             2nd Place               Character solo (7&8 years)

3rd Place               Song/Dance solo (7&8 years)

Lara Dimaculangan                          3rd Place               Tap solo (9 years)

4th Place               Ballet solo (9 years)

Lottie Torgersen-French                               4th Place               National solo (9 years)

Morgan Denison                              2nd Place               Lyrical solo (11 years)

2nd Place               Character solo (11 years)

2nd Place               Song/Dance solo (11 years)

4th Place               Modern solo (11 years)

Hannah Woodcock                          3rd Place               Lyrical solo (12 years)

Amelia Morgan                                 1st Place                Song/Dance solo (15 years and over)

3rd Place               National solo (15 years and over)


Well done to all…..a fantastic set of results from the handful of people who attended this festival.

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