Festival coaching

Below is festival coaching from now until the competitions. 

Attend all lessons with shoes/props/accessories/CD’s

Make sure dances have been practiced!!!!

Friday 30th January

4.30pm Lara – Modern                                   Bea – Modern

5.15pm Lottie – Ballet            (45mins)                     Kitty – Character (30 mins)

5.45pm Tap Duet(45mins)

6.30pm Navras

6.45pm Izzy – ballet (30mins)


Saturday 31st January

10.15am Morgan, Cassie, Rosie – ALL SOLOS
11.00am Katie – Ballet

1.00pm Hannah – Lyrical

1.45pm Bea – Modern

3.45pm Freya T – Ballet (30mins)                  Jamie – lyrical (1hour)

4.15pm Izzy (45mins)


Tuesday 3rd February

4.30pm Izzy – Ballet

7.30pm Amy, Lydia, Meg – All solos



Friday 6th February

4.30pm Kitty – Character

5.00pm Hannah – Lyrical

6.00pm Ballet group/fiddlers 3

6.45pm Tap duet – Helena & Cassie (1 hour)

7.00pm Mia, Emily, Olivia – All solos

7.45pm Jamie – Lyrical (1 hour)


Saturday 7th February

10.30am Katie – singing

11.00am Katie – ballet

1.45pm Bea – all solos

2.15pm Hannah – Lyrical

3.00pm Aimie – singing

3.45pm Freya T – Ballet (30mins)                  Jamie – lyrical (1hour)

4.15pm Daisy, Poppy, Lottie, Lara – All solos

5.00pm –


Sunday 8th February

10.00-12.30 Handful of Keys



Tuesday 10th February

4.30pm Morgan, Lara, Izzy – solos


Friday 13th February

4.15pm Lizzie, Bea, Dionne – Solos & Duet

4.30pm Kitty – character (30mins)

5.00pm Lottie, Bea, Daisy , Lara – Solos

6.00pm Morgan, Hannah, Charlotte W – Solos

7.00pm Millie – solos                        Tap Duet – Helena & Cassie



Saturday 14th February

3.45pm Freya T – Ballet (30mins)

3.45pm Handful of Keys

5.15pm NAVRAS – to re-pattern without seniors and with Aimie W



Tuesday 17th February

10.00am Katie – song&dance

10.45am Amy Lloyd – Ballet               Aimie W – Song& Dance

11.30am Amy Lloyd – Lyrical                         Tap Duet – Helena & Cassie

12.30am Cassie – Modern                  Helena, Lydia, Emily, Jamie  – solos

1.15pm Emily – Ballet                        Olivia , Mia, Rosie, Meg – Solos (1hour)

2.00pm Dionne – Character


Friday 20th February

10.00am Emily – Ballet                      Kitty, Lizzie, Bea, Freya – Solos & Duet

10.45am NAVRAS                                Dionne – Characer (45mins)

11.45am Handful of Keys                    Amy L – Ballet

12.30pm Poppy, Katie, Lottie, Charlotte W – Solos                            Amy L – Lyrical

1.15pm Cassie – Modern



Saturday 21st February

11.15am Cassie – Modern

12.00pm Ballet Group / Fiddlers 3

1.00pm Izzy, Rosie, Aimie W – solos

1.45pm Amy L – Ballet

2.30pm Amy L – Lyrical

3.15pm Emily – Ballet


Tuesday 24th February

7.30pm Lydia, Amy, Meg – solos



Friday 27th February

6.00pm Morgan – National (1 hour)


Saturday 28th February

10.15am Morgan – National (1 hour)

4.30pm Hannah – National (after exam coaching)


Sunday 1st March

3.15pm Helena, Emily, Mia – Solos (after exam)

4.15pm Hannah – National                             Olivia, Cassie – solos (after exam)


Monday 2nd March

6.45pm Morgan, Aimie, Rosie, Izzy – Solos

(Morgan, Aimie, Rosie – Tap will move back to Thursday @ 6pm from this week)


Tuesday 3rd March

5.45pm Hannah – National

7.30pm Amy L, Lydia, Meg – Solos


Friday 6th March

4.30pm Bea, Lizzie, Dionne, Freya T

5.15pm Katie, Lottie, Lara, Poppy, Daisy

6.00pm Ballet Group/ Fiddlers 3

6.45pm Hannah & Charlotte – Solos              Amy L – Ballet Awards

7.30pm Millie – Ballet Awards


Sunday 8th March

10.00am Handful of Keys

11.00am NAVRAS

12.00pm Tap duet



Monday 9th March

6.45pm Morgan, Aimie, Rosie, Izzy – Solos


Tuesday 10th March

5.15pm Hannah, Helena, Olivia, Mia, Emily

6.30pm Cassie, Meg (45mins) (Helena please have tap shoes so we can run duet)

7.30pm Amy L, Lydia, Jamie & Millie (come out of ballet)


Friday 13th March

4.30pm Bea, Lizzie, Dionne, Freya T

5.15pm Katie, Lottie, Lara, Poppy, Daisy

6.15pm Ballet Group/ Fiddlers 3/ Navras / handful of keys/ Charlotte W

7.15pm Anyone that need an extra run!!!