Wiltshire Festival results – 2022

Rosie Allcroft7 & 8 years modern2nd place87 Marks
Rosie Allcroft7 & 8 years tap2nd place85 Marks
Rosie Allcroft7 & 8 years ballet3rd place85 Marks
Megan Plumbe9 & 10 years character2nd place86 Marks
Isabella Freeman11 years lyrical 1st place89 Marks
Isabella Gaal11 years tap2nd place88 Marks
Isabella Gaal11 & 12 years national3rd place86 Marks
Isobel Stuchfield12 years tap1st place87 Marks
Isobel Stuchfield11 & 12 years ballet3rd place86 Marks
Ruby Kennedy 12 years tap4th place84 Marks
Bea Vidal13 & 14 years Song & Dance2nd place87 Marks
Bea Vidal13 years tap3rd place87 Marks
Bea Vidal13 years Ballet4th place86 Marks
Liz Sorilla13 years modern2nd place89 Marks
Liz Sorilla13 years ballet2nd place88 Marks
Liz Sorilla13 years lyrical2nd place87 Marks
Dionne Sindayen13 & 14 years Song & Dance4th place85 Marks
Clara Field13 & 14 years Song & Dance1st place88 Marks


3 – 1st places                        8 – 2nd places                       4 – 3rd places                        3 – 4th places


Isabella Gaal & Isobel Stuchfield qualified and danced in the Junior Tap Championships

Liz Sorilla qualified and danced in the Senior Ballet & Modern Championships

Trophy Winners

Isobel Stuchfield won the Junior Tap Championship

Clara Field won the Highest Song & Dance Mark award

Congratulations to you all – amazing results for the first festival back!

We are so proud of how you all danced and conducted yourselves.

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