Nuneaton Final Rehearsals

Nuneaton Festival Rehearsals.

Please ensure you have all shoes/props and CD’s at rehearsals.


Tuesday 26th April

5.00pm Poppy W (Annice and Kitty come out of MT)

5.30pm Aimie, Morgan, Hannah

6.30pm Katie, Daisy, Charlotte

7.15pm –

7.30pm Amy L, Cassie

8.15pm  –


Friday 29th April

4.30pm Liz, Bea, Dionne, Kitty

5.30pm Handful Of Keys

6.30pm Senior Duets/Solos

8.00pm –


Tuesday 3rd May

4.45pm Poppy L, Lara

5.30pm Hannah, Morgan

6.30pm Katie, Daisy

7.15pm –

7.30pm Amy L, Cassie, Olivia

8.15pm  –


Friday 6th May

4.30pm Liz, Bea, Freya, Annice, Poppy W

5.30pm Aimie, Maisie, Morgan, Hannah

6.30pm Handful Of Keys

7.15pm Emily, Helena



Friday 13th May

5.00pm Freya, Katie, Lara

5.45pm Handful of Keys

6.30pm Olivia, Cassie, Amy L