Susan Taylor Dancing Academy: Timetable – SEPTEMBER 2020
Down Up
4.30-5.15pm 3 Ballet 4.15-5.00pm 3 Modern
5.15-6.00pm 2 Tap 5.15-6.00pm 3 Tap
6.15-7.15pm Inter F Ballet 6.15-7.15pm 5 Ballet
7.15-8.00pm 5 Tap 7.15-8.00pm Senior Body C
8.00-9.00pm Inter Ballet
Down Up
4.15-5.00pm MT 1
5.30-6.15pm 4 Ballet 5.15-6.00pm MT 2
6.15-7.00pm MT 3
7.15-8.00pm MT 4
8.00-9.00pm Inter Modern
Down Up
4.30-5.15pm 3 Ballet 4.15-5.00pm 2 Ballet
5.30-6.15pm 6 Tap 5.15-6.00pm Junior Body C
6.15-7.15pm 6 Modern 6.15-7.15pm 5 Modern
7.15-8.45pm Inter Ballet & Pointe 7.15-8.00pm Inter Body C
Down Up
4.30-5.15pm 4 Ballet 4.15-5.00pm 2 Ballet
5.15-6.00pm 4 Modern 5.15-6.00pm 4 Modern
6.15-7.15pm Inter F Ballet 6.15-7.15pm 5 Ballet
7.15-7.45pm Pointe 7.15-7.45pm Pointe
7.45-8.45pm Inter Tap
All pre-primary classes on a Saturday consist of tap and ballet
Spare lessons on a Tuesday and Friday will be used for exam coaching.
Down Up
9.45-10.30am Pre-Primary B 9.30-10.15am 3-4 years Class
10.45-12.30pm Primary Tap, Class Primary Ballet & Grade 1 Mod 10.30-11.30am Pre-Primary A
11.30-12.00pm Grade 1 modern
12.15-1.00pm Pre-Primary C
12.45-1.30pm Grade 1 Ballet 1.30-2.00pm Grade 1 Tap
1.30-2.15pm Pre-Primary D 2.00-2.30pm Grade 1 modern
2.15-3.00pm Junior Body C 2.30-3.15pm Class Primary Ballet
3.15-3.45pm Evie Tap 3.15-3.45pm Primary Tap